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* Please note that using this plugin to export articles and issues will not only export all relevant metadata, but will include all article files (HTML, PDF, etc.) embedded within the XML document in Base64 encoding. This can result in large, cumbersome XML files, especially when multiple issues are exported at once. Opening them in an editor to view or change any XML data or metadata may be taxing for your computer, and it may take some time to download and/or upload said files, depending on your connection and the resources of the source server.

nativexml download

This is a screenshot of the example application. The editor comes with full source, and shows how to use NativeXml to create XML content and how to use the parsed data. You can also directly use the editor to edit your XML files if you like, download it here.

Most native XML databases can be downloaded (or ordered on CD) in a trial form. You'll definitely want to evaluate several native XML databases before deciding which approach is best for your company.

BaseX is a native, open-source XML database andefficient XPath/XQuery processor, including support for the latestFull Text and Update recommendations. It supports very large XMLinstances and offers a highly interactive frontend. BaseX is writtenin Java and freely available for download. It is developed by theDatabase and Information Systems Group at the University of Konstanz.

The development version is available from SVN trunk or you can download a recent snapshot. Development of 1.3 is currently wrapping up and there will soon be a stable release. The 1.3 version solves a number of major issues, in particular concerning queries on in-memory XML fragments, leading to a much improved stability for applications using complex XQueries. New features include: a direct integration of Lucene for full text search, URL rewriting, keywords-in-context (KWIC) display of search results, ...

Sample data files are available on our ENVI Tutorials web page. Click the "Deep Learning" link in the ENVI Tutorial Data section to download a .zip file containing the data. Extract the contents to a local directory. 076b4e4f54


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