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Cardiovascular Clinics in Manhattan, KS

Are you searching for cardiovascular clinics in Manhattan, KS? At Heart and Vascular Clinics, we specialize in cardiology services in Manhattan, KS. We offer comprehensive treatment for heart and cardiovascular conditions from cardioversion to pacemakers, stents, venograms, and more. Our practice has extensive experience in heart and vascular medicine and is committed to the highest quality of care. Cardiology conditions can be overwhelming, and we are steadfast in providing quality treatment to our patients. When you have cardiovascular issues, look to our compassionate practice. If you're looking for a cardiology service provider in Manhattan, KS, contact HAVC to make an appointment with our practitioners. 

A Division of Manhattan Medical Group

Heart and Vascular Clinics is a division of Manhattan Medical Group, which offers primary care and cardiology services to the Manhattan area.

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Heart and Vascular Clinics

200 Research Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66503

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Phone: 785-539-4644

Fax: 785-539-8010

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Heart and Vascular Clinics
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