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Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Rotation

With a diverse patient population, practice setting, and complex and unusual cases, Heart and Vascular Clinic (HAVC) of Manhattan Medical Group offers medical students a unique hands-on learning experience with its clinical rotation. Eligible students who are in their final year of medical school work as an integral team member of the medical team and receive subspecialist training.

The rotation will provide the trainee with experience in diagnosing and managing a broad spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, also provide exposure to;

1. Patient’s history 

2. Examination

3. ECG

4. Exercise testing

5. Echocardiography

6. Vascular imaging

7. X-Ray of chest

8. CT angiography

9. Cardiac Cath

10. Peripheral cath

11. CAD

12. HFrEF

13. HFpEF

14. Arrhythmias

15. Valve disorders

16. Devices in Cardiology

17. HPT

18. Lipids and heart

19. Chest pain

20. Aortic Disease

21. Cardiomyopathies

22. Myocarditis

23. Pulmonary Embolism

24. PAD

25. Endocarditis

26. Pericardial Disease

27. Anticoagulants

28. Antiplatelet agents

29. ACS

30. Tropnoinis

31. BNP

32. Syncope and Dizziness

33. Hypotension

34. Prognostic cardiovascular interventions

33. Symptomatic Cardiovascular interventions.

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